Martin Plaehn
Chief Executive Officer

Martin comes to Bungee Labs with 30 years of software development experience, an entrepreneurial vision and seasoned management skills. Prior to joining Bungee Labs in June 2006, Martin spent seven years at RealNetworks as a member of the senior management team; serving as EVP Software Products through 2004, and then leading Real's rapidly growing Casual Games business. Martin served as Chairman and CEO of Viewpoint Digital from 1996 until its acquisition by Computer Associates in 1998. Prior to Viewpoint, Martin led world-wide product development at Alias|Wavefront, the leading provider of computer graphics modeling and animation systems. Martin began his career as software developer at General Atomic Company, ISSCO Graphics and Template Graphics Software. Martin earned his B.A. degree from the University of California, San Diego, and is a graduate of UCSD's Executive Program for Scientists and Engineers.

Dave Mitchell
CTO and Founder

Dave has extensive experience and expertise in web application development and software system architecture. Dave is the principal architect of the Bungee Connect on demand development and deployment environment, with five patents pending in the middleware, application workflow and UI deployment spaces. Prior to Bungee Labs, Dave successfully founded, grew and sold Viewsoft Inc, a web application development toolkit provider, to Citrix Systems in 1999. Dave continued with Citrix and served as Principle Architect until founding the company in 2002. Prior to Citrix, Dave developed an application framework for text indexing and retrieval. Dave earned his B.S. and M.S. Computer Science degrees from Brigham Young University.

Lyle Ball
VP Marketing

Lyle brings more than 15 years of sales, marketing, business development and operational experience to Bungee Labs, with repeat success at launching high-growth companies into emerging markets. Prior to joining Bungee Labs in 2006, Lyle was VP of Marketing at Amp Resources. He founded Lone Peak Communications, an integrated sales and marketing agency with a focus on aiding SMBs to enter international markets. Previously, Lyle was VP of Sales & Marketing and Interim Operations Director at AccessData. He was a co-founder of Lineo, an open source embedded systems technology firm. Lyle also served as Director of Marketing at the original Caldera, Inc., where among other responsibilities he served as spokesman for the Caldera vs. Microsoft anti-trust lawsuit. Lyle's career began at WordPerfect and Novell, where he drove efforts in public relations, event management, business development and marketing. Lyle holds a BA degree in Business Communications from Brigham Young University.

Alex Barnett
VP Community

Alex Barnett joined Bungee Labs with more than 15 years experience working in the web development industry. Prior to Bungee Labs, Alex spent five years at Microsoft Corp, most recently as the Community Program Manager for the Data Programmability team in Redmond, WA. Alex joined Microsoft in 2002 in the United Kingdom as Online Customer Experience Manager. Alex moved to the United States in 2005 to become the International Program Manager for MSDN and TechNet, where he was responsible for driving the globalization strategy. Prior to Microsoft, Alex worked for seven years at Bluewave, an online marketing, web design and development agency, as Sales and Marketing Director and COO. After the successful sale of Bluewave to Maersk Data/IBM, Alex joined Microsoft. Prior to Bluewave, Alex was a professional cricketer for Middlesex and Lancashire. Alex blogs at

Lin Salisbury
Director, Hosted Services

Lin joined Bungee Labs in August 2005 as the Director of Hosted Services. Lin's responsibilities include designing, building and overseeing Bungee's highly available, scalable, grid-level deployment infrastructure and services via interconnected, load-balanced servers and storage in Denver, New York, London and Seattle. Lin's contributions are central to improving the quality of service for Bungee-powered applications. Prior to joining Bungee Labs, Lin was Director of Technology at Utah Interactive, Inc, where he designed and built a highly available, scalable, secure platform that handled hundreds of thousands of e-government transactions daily. Lin also managed a large call center network for Matrix Marketing, Inc.

Sandra Hufford
Director, Finance and Human Resources

Sandra joined Bungee Labs in 2004 as the Director of Finance and Human Resources. Sandra also serves as Secretary/Treasurer to the Board of Directors. Prior to joining Bungee Labs, Sandra served as Director of Operations at ViaSubscription where she managed the data hosting operations, customer support, accounting and administration departments from 2002 until joining Bungee Labs. Prior to ViaSubscription, Sandra was the Financial Controller and Director of Human Resources at ViewSoft from 1996 through Viewsoft's acquisition by Citrix Systems in 1999. Sandra also served as a Controller for Rick Warner Companies. Sandra holds a degree in Accounting and Business Administration from California State University.

Ted Haeger
Director, Developer Programs

Ted joined Bungee Labs in 2007 as Director of Developer Programs. Ted's primary responsibility is to architect, establish and lead the Bungee Connect Developer Network (BCDN), serving as the human interface between Bungee Labs and individual developers. Ted is Bungee Labs' principal evangelist, keeping an active presence within numerous on-line forums and blogs as well as speaking often at regional and industry events. Prior to Bungee Labs, Ted directed the user community program for Novell. Ted has become well known in the Linux and open source communities through high-profile speaking engagements at international and regional open source events, and through his contributions to online publications and forums. Ted also hosted the popular Novell Open Audio podcast series, which he started for Novell in 2006. Ted holds a BA in Environmental Studies from the University of California at Santa Cruz. Ted is an avid technologist who is keenly interested in the emergent social aspects of the increasingly connected world.

David Brooksby
Director, Program/Product Development

Dave joined Bungee Labs in 2003 and is the Product Manager for Bungee Connect. Dave is responsible for the planning and execution of the technical vision, design and implementation of the Bungee Connect on-demand service as well as facilitating collaboration among the company's engineering, marketing and community teams. Prior to his role as Product Manager, Dave served as the company's first Product Marketing Manager and Information Technology Manager. Prior to joining Bungee Labs, David was the Internet Marketing Manager at Massachusetts-based ViryaNet from 2000 through its IPO and then also served as ViryaNet's Information Systems Manager until 2003. Prior to ViryaNet, Dave was the Internet Marketing Manager at ViewSoft through its acquisition by Citrix in 1999, and continued with Critix as an Engineering Program Manager until joining ViryaNet in 2000. David holds a BS Degree in Business Management from the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University with a dual emphasis on Marketing and Information Systems.

Brad Hintze
Director, Product Marketing

Brad joined Bungee Labs in 2005 and leads the product marketing team and initiatives, including research and analysis of the company's ecosystem of developers, partners and competitors. Brad drives the process, content and delivery of Bungee Lab's product communications, including website content, product demonstrations and sample applications. Prior to joining Bungee Labs, Brad served as COO of Totally Awesome Computers, a regional system integrator and PC retail chain, where he led the sales, marketing and operations teams to annual sales of US$36 million. Brad started his career as founder of iMedia, a technical marketing company, producing interactive CD-ROMs for the real estate, retail sales and manufacturing industries. He holds a BA in Business Marketing from the University of Phoenix.