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Deliver rich, full featured web apps with Bungee Connect,
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Integrated development environment
Automated web service connectivity
Automated database connectivity
   - MySQL, PostgreSQL
Full-syntax on-demand language
Library of Ajax controls
Built-in cross-browser support
   - IE, Firefox and Safari
Instant application simulation on production environment
Debugging and event inspection
Built-in team development
Integrated source control
Integrated deployment and hosting
   - Test deployments
   - Production deployments mapped to any domain
Deployment management
Application analytics
Active developer community
Development environment Free
Test deployments Free
Production deployments $0.06* per
*Applications will be hosted at no charge during the public beta
Bungee Connect Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Bungee Connect delivers the entire application lifecycle through a comprehensive PaaS— significantly reducing the complexities involved in building and delivering web applications. The benefits begin with amazing applications, drastically reduced development time, reliable and scalable application hosting and a pricing model that is directly proportional to application adoption.

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Comprehensive IDE

Bungee Connect includes a professional development environment that extends standard development concepts for on-demand applications. Bungee Connect accelerates development and creativity in solving business problems by removing much of the heavy-lifting in writing application logic, connecting multiple data sources and debugging applications. Bungee Connect developers focus their development time on creating compelling user interactions and great code while Bungee Connect manages the rest.

With Bungee Connect, developers have a unique opportunity to build, test and debug in the exact same environment that end users utilize to interact with the application. Building and deploying in the same environment removes the need to juggle applications between environments, and fix the problems that follow. As you would expect from a professional development environment, Bungee Connect has many of the tools necessary to debug applications including breakpoints, event messages, SOAP envelope inspection and database communication messages. Bungee Connect automatically manages the application state between the client and server, view updates as data changes and web service marshalling. Bungee Connect also includes a full-syntax, C-style language to create sophisticated on-demand applications. This language gives developers a full syntax to tackle complex coding requirements involving user interactions and data with the control of traditional languages.

Interactive End User Experience

Bungee-powered applications use Ajax to deliver desktop-like interactivity without a plug-in or install and across the most popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari). Developers use a visual form designer with a wide range of Ajax controls and a flexible geometry model to efficiently create intuitive user experiences and unlock new application value. Bungee takes a unique approach to Ajax using a generalized Javascript engine for all applications rather than requiring custom Javascript development or dynamic code generation.

Web Service & DB Connectivity

Bungee Connect automates the connectivity to multiple data sources including SOAP and REST services and MySQL and PostGreSql databases. Whether the services are broadly available public services or private business services, Bungee Connect developers can leverage those services in new ways. Data sources are accessed through the Bungee servers, not the client, enabling more security for the data and a wider range of connectivity options within applications.

Developer Collaboration

Bungee Connect supports teams of developers with an integrated source control system. No need to juggle versions of application code between code repositories and environments as the team collaborates on the application. Starting a team development project is easy—just create a DesignGroup and invite the other team members. With no configuration, installation or download, the team is now ready to begin development. This approach enables code sharing without sending code across the wire only to end up on disk platters everywhere.

Community Ecosystem

Bungee Connect is building a community of developers actively working on amazing applications. An IRC, forums and documentation wiki are at the center of the developer community.


Application Hosting

Bungee Connect provides flexibility in the deployment and hosting of applications to match the unique needs of organizations of all sizes.

Bungee Grid multi-tenant hosting:

The Bungee Grid multi-tenant hosting provides the deployment and hosting infrastructure to support the delivery of a Bungee-powered web application without purchasing, building and maintaining infrastructure. Bungee Connect applications reliably and securely reach any size user base with the elasticity to match the unique usage patterns of any web application.

Bungee Application Server

The Bungee Application Server provides a virtual appliance that can be loaded on an organization’s own hardware to deliver Bungee-powered applications while maintaining control over the maintenance of the server and data access.

Deployment Management

Managing deployed applications is very simple, just a couple of clicks for a new deployment or to update to a new version.

Applications can be delivered as standalone applications or embedded directly inside an existing web application or SaaS solution. Applications delivered as stand-alone solutions can use any domain name managed by the developer. Applications that compliment existing applications can be embedded directly into the application, even with single sign-on capability, giving users a seamless experience.

Scalability & Reliability

Bungee-powered applications delivered over a multi-tenant grid architecture provide large-scale capacity to any application without installation, configuration, management or maintenance. Bungee Connect developers focus on creating the application, not provisioning or maintaining infrastructure. IT professionals can continue to focus on managing the existing business services, not adding more hardware, software or management overhead.


Bungee Connect has been architected to take a comprehensive approach to application and data security.

All Bungee-powered application instances are separate server processes keeping a strict separation between application sessions.

Application logic execution is maintained on the server and is never sent down to the client, protecting intellectual property and business processes.

Data can be stored where it is most appropriate, as determined by the developer. Data used in an application or generated by application users can be stored to any service or database where the developer wants to securely store it.
Network Traffic:
Using standard protocols and SSL encryption, connections to data providers are secure. Because only Bungee servers connect to the data provider, access to the data need be opened only to the small range of Bungee server IPs.

Communication between the client and server is highly generalized and can be over SSL to further protect application and user data.
The Bungee Connect client interactivity model delivers scalable client-side security by using a generalized Javascript package for every application. This approach guards against Javascript security attacks by restricting the Javascript that can be executed on the client. A generalized approach also benefits corporate security by using a single Javascript engine for every application. The Bungee Connect Javascript needs to be verified only once for any number of applications.

Only data displayed in the user interface is actually sent down to the client. This way only necessary data is sent down to the client, rather than a whole data set for only small amounts of data. This also ensures that no business logic is executed in the client, further protecting applications from malicious attacks.

Application Instrumentation

The Bungee Connect platform automatically captures detailed information about application usage. Businesses can use this data to get a better view of the way users are using the application. No need to worry about setting up a way to capture the data on application usage.

What does a Bungee-powered application cost?

Bungee Connect pricing is simple:

Development and Testing — Free
Deployment and Hosting — Free during public beta-$0.06/user-session-hour thereafter
Individuals and organizations can build, collaborate, test — even conduct beta tests with actual customers with no fee.

Bungee-powered applications are billed based on actual usage by end-users, like a utility. The cost of an application is determined by the amount of time users spend directly interacting with an application. As an application is used, the length of time spent by the user is logged, this data is then aggregated with session data from other application users. The aggregated total for the session is then multipled by the cost by user-session hour, currently $0.06.

Here are a few examples: