Report: Platform-as-a-Service Unlocks Web's Full Potential

Hinchcliffe & Company Says PaaS Makes Developers/IT More Productive While Reducing Costs, Getting Applications to Market More Quickly

ALEXANDRIA, VA — April 22, 2008 — Moving to a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) can help developers and IT managers be more productive, get their applications to market more quickly and dramatically reduce costs, according to a report released today by Hinchcliffe & Company, a leading Web 2.0 consulting firm. Download the free report, "The Next Evolution in Web Apps: Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)," at

According to Dion Hinchcliffe, president/CTO of Hinchcliffe & Company and ZDNet blogger, many IT departments invest tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of dollars patching together and managing technologies that use multiple languages to create a single online application, often just approaching the ease of use and interactivity consumers increasingly expect.

"Instead of looking for ways to make inadequate technology work better, businesses can bypass these problems by moving the entire Web application lifecycle to an online unified development and deployment platform," Hinchcliffe said. "Platform-as-a-Service not only enables developers to do more in less time by providing development, testing, deployment and hosting in a single, on-demand platform, it also allows rapid innovation and market response, even on a minimal development budget. It's truly unlocking the full potential of the Web."

As defined, PaaS uses a Web-native platform to create and deliver applications in the same environment in which they are meant to be used. True PaaS should work without downloads, without installation – and without cost until finished applications are in use. In short, PaaS:
  • Lowers development and maintenance costs, in part enabling companies to leverage existing IT infrastructure at every stage and moving development, debugging and testing to the same environment as production deployment without uploading or compiling.
  • Meets user expectations by providing seamless, fully interactive online user experiences that do not require software download, plug-ins, local setting reconfiguration or the use of a particular browser
  • Integrates more tightly with other online services and databases while simplifying the task of writing the "glue" code to knit them into a single application.
  • Includes built-in scalability, reliability and security, eliminating additional development or configuration
  • Improves collaboration among developers, significantly increasing productivity and reducing costs while minimizing product risk.
  • Provides deeper insight into user activity, helping fine-tune marketing and communication strategies and adjust Web applications accordingly.
  • Bases pricing on actual use, instead of requiring them to pay for hardware, software, toolsets, and server space regardless of the result of the application.
Additional Links Related to Platform-as-a-Service: About Hinchcliffe & Company Hinchcliffe & Company helps organizations -- from Fortune 500 firms to startups -- transform their products, services, and processes to rapidly exploit the full growth potential of Web 2.0 via customized professional solutions including premier strategic consulting and execution and high-intensity education solutions. The firm brings its clients exclusive access to the very latest proven new business models and strategies for online products. Armed with this competitive advantage, Hinchcliffe rapidly helps organizations become successful with Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0.

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