Bungee Labs provides student interns and employees with an intense learning environment for the following leading-edge technologies central to on-demand application development and computing:
  • Grid computing architectures for performance, security and federation
  • Multi-location distributed development, computing and global load balancing
  • Distributed application, workgroup and database synchronization
  • Architectures for extensible and secure cross-browser Ajax
  • Canonical representations for multiple web services, and database translation and integration
  • Programming language syntax design optimized for immediate run-time execution
  • Automated test development for interactive web applications
  • Automated application performance and usability tracking and reporting
Student interns and employees are assigned real-world development projects within the context of Bungee Connect and its integrated application development environment with the central web services from eight industry giants, whose more than 500,000 independent application developers form the foundation of Bungee Labs' beta program.
Work with one, or all eight at once:


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Bungee Connect defines a next generation development and deployment platform for rich web applications, automates Ajax, reduces web state management programming, and optimizes integration with multiple web services.
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