Systems Engineer
Software Test Engineer
Senior Technical Evangelist
Director of Learning and Support

Systems Engineer

We are looking for an experienced Systems Engineer with an expertise in clustering technologies. You will be using leading edge technologies and techniques to help design and build a next generation 24/7 on-demand application delivery system. You will be responsible for designing, building, maintaining and improving Bungee Labs' distributed fault-tolerant delivery system utilizing the latest in server technologies. This position will be ideal for you if you have a knack for distributed architectures with a focus on making them scalable and secure from the ground up.

Technical Requirements:
  • Excellent understanding of the Linux kernel, GNU tools and file systems
  • Working knowledge of TLS/SSL, PKI's and public/private key-pair encryption
  • Experience using virtualization technologies including Xen, VMware and Linux VPS in a production environment
  • Working knowledge of TCP/IP, network architectures and security
  • Experience with intrusion detection software including Snort
  • Experience building linux based firewalls
  • Experience with Nagios, Syslog-ng, SNMP, Cricket, MRTG and RRDTool
  • Excellent command line Linux/UNIX skill set
  • Experience with HTTP and Apache2 module development
  • C/C++ experience
  • GNU Build tools using C/C++
  • Programming/scripting (Bash, Python, Perl)
Professional Requirements:
  • Ability to design fault-tolerant sub-systems
  • Ability to communicate complex ideas effectively
  • Ability to understand very complex multi-faceted problems
  • Must be self-motivating and be able to complete tasks on target
  • Must have 5-7+ years experience
  • Comfortable with a start-up-type environment that includes varying levels of management and task clarity; requires self-initiative; and provides the opportunity to truly contribute to process and success
Educational Requirements:
  • B.S. in Computer Science or related field or extensive experience
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Software Test Engineer

We are looking for an experienced test engineer to help us create a new generation of web application development tools and deployment platform. We're providing a great opportunity to work on cutting edge technology, foster and grow your already strong software engineering skills, as well as working with an emerging test team. You will assist in the development of a reliable, scalable and reusable test automation framework. You will raise issues, explore and communicate resolutions, and follow-up with results. You will be expected to become an expert using Bungee Labs software. In this role, you will design and implement performance, scalability, stress and end-to-end test scenarios. You may also, as needed, act in a role to support (via forums, blogs, email, etc.) developers creating applications built on Bungee.

Technical Requirements:
  • Proven coding and debugging skills in traditional and web programming languages such as: C++, JavaScript, PHP, Python, C#, Java/JSP, CSS, AJAX
  • Quick learner that is not afraid of jumping into new and unknown territories to help ship the product
  • Solid working knowledge of Linux, Windows, Apache, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari
  • Solid working knowledge of Web Services, SOAP, XSD Schemas and REST
  • Experience with object oriented design, code coverage and profiling and performance and stress testing
  • Experience with UI testing and UI Automation
Professional Requirements:
  • 3-5 years of professional software testing experience is required
  • Excellent problem solving skills and strong verbal and written communication skills are essential
  • Flexible in working independently and collectively in a team environment with the ability to work across multiple disciplines to achieve great results
  • Comfortable with a start-up-type environment that includes varying levels of management and task clarity; requires self-initiative; and provides the opportunity to truly contribute to process and success
Educational Requirements:
  • BS in a technical discipline such as Computer Science or equivalent experience is required
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Senior Technical Evangelist

Bungee Labs seeks a technology evangelist to help change the web development industry. If you are passionate about web technology, you love developing software using web API's with a cutting-edge development platform, and you thrive on sharing your knowledge with fellow developers, then Bungee Labs wants to meet you.

As a developer evangelist, your responsibilities will require you to become a domain expert in developing sophisticated web applications with Bungee Connect. You will actively engage with a growing community of developers on an individual and group basis, providing them leadership, education and inspiration. You will work in various forms of social media, including blogs, forums, podcasts, and IRC. You will create compelling presentations, delivering them both in person and through WebEx. You will coordinate with product management, engineering and marketing to advocate the needs of the Bungee Connect Developer Network (BCDN). You will contribute directly to the growth and vibrance of the BCDN from its early stages to a thriving, collaborative and loyal community of passionate web developers.

You will build a reputation for your technical ability and excellence, and your passion and effectiveness to help others succeed at creating the next generation of web-based applications.

If you think that you have what it takes to fulfill this role, and you are ready to be the person described above, Bungee Labs invites you to come meet with us and explore the opportunity.

Technical Requirements
  • Solid technical background and development experience in Web environments with a particular emphasis application development
  • Expert level knowledge of traditional as well as new web programming languages and methodologies such as:
    • HTML, JavaScript, PHP, ASP/ASP.NET, ROR, C, C++, C#, JAVA/JSP, CSS, AJAX
    • Experience with, and solid understanding of, SOAP, UML, XML parsing/processing, SQL
    • Strong on-the-job OO programming experience
    • Understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues
  • Strong knowledge of technology trends, industry participants and leaders
  • Strong organizational and communications skills to impart knowledge and foster learning of complex technical concepts and facts
  • Strong and natural public speaking, presentation, and teaching skills for small and mid-size technical audiences.
Professional Requirements

We are looking for a highly motivated individual with a deep understanding and experience of developing and architecting web-based based solutions.

The individual should also have excellent written and verbal communications skills, including the ability to create and deliver high quality presentations, and leadership skills. Abilities to plan and execute on ideas through a strong analytical mindset are critical.

This role will require frequent multi-day travel to participate in technical workshops, forums and trade shows required.


To be successful, you'll need:
  • An infectious enthusiasm for new technology and for facilitating a growing development community
  • The ability to foster and build trusted personal relationships with developers, partners and team members
  • A methodical disposition with strong organizational skills to manage multiple opportunities, projects, and issues
  • Experienced analytical and conceptual thinking skills across a broad domain of technical topics and business situations
  • The ability to manage ambiguity and create clarity and order where most necessary
  • To quickly seek out and grasp developer and partner objectives and create or realign plans and actions to address them
  • To work independently, as well as collaboratively with others as a peer, subordinate, or supervisor (project dependent)
Send links to hacks you've created, links to your blog and any other links that show you're right for this role.

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Director of Learning and Support

The Director of Learning and Support Experience will report to the VP, Community and will be responsible for the overall vision, planning, budgeting, execution and success of a world-class learning and support experience for Bungee Connect developers.

With hands on expertise in planning for and building infrastructure, content, people and processes in software development tools industry, this person will be responsible for providing Bungee developers with the knowledge and technical content they need in order to be productive using Bungee Connect. This role will also be responsible to the development of an outstanding product support program and Help experience for the Bungee Connect developer community.

The immediate focus of the role will be to develop of the "base set" of user education materials for our developers in preparation for General Availability.
  • Define and drive the development and improvement of the "base set" of user education materials for our beta customers in preparation for General Availability
  • Lead the User Education team and coordinate with the engineering, product management, evangelism & developer programs teams and customers to develop the overall learning experience for the Bungee Connect system
  • Determine the training requirements and develop a skills-based segmentation model that reflects the varying skill levels and skill sets of developers approaching the Bungee Connect developer platform
  • Own the development and delivery of technical and reference documentation
  • Evolve the web-based and class-room-based education curriculum and materials required to provide developers with clearly defined training pathways and programs as appropriate
  • Manage the process and infrastructure of developer end-user support for logged questions and issues relating to the use of Bungee Connect by developer customers
  • Coordinate with product management and engineering teams to ensure the learning and support experience are integrated into the Bungee Connect product UI
  • Contribute to the product design and planning process by ensuring customer feedback is incorporated into future product improvements
  • Design and develop instruments to evaluate the effectiveness of knowledge transfer and the support / Help experience
  • Serve as key liaison to academic community and assist in the planning and execution of an academic engagement program
  • Determine the needs of certification programs for end-users and Bungee Connect partners
Measures of success will include:
  • Developers' ability to quickly learn the necessary basic concepts and UI and get productive on Bungee Connect
  • Developers' ability learn more advanced concepts to take full advantage of the power of Bungee Connect
  • Measurable improvement in the overall learning and support experience of developers using Bungee Connect
  • Contribution to planning of the usability of the Bungee Connect UI based on customer feedback
  • Contribution to the rate of full or part-time adoption among developers who have signed-up to test-drive Bungee Connect
  • Contribution to customer satisfaction and loyalty and overall developer market adoption
The person we seek will have 5-10 years of experience directing and delivering world-class learning and support programs for software development tools (IDE) vendors with products targeted at professional software developers.
  • Highly collaborative and comfortable in working directly with product management, engineering and developer program management teams
  • Strong communication and analytical skills.
  • Strong project management skills.
  • Comfortable managing and balancing multiple projects with different priorities.
  • Thorough understanding of IDE product landscape, and relevant technical knowledge - web application development, web program languages, web services and AJAX
  • Deep knowledge of developer segments
  • Facilitation skills and ability to coordinate and lead meetings.
  • Leader while being a team player.
  • Willing to take on any task to contribute to the success of an engagement / project.
  • Direct and decisive while leveraging consensus management.
  • Ability to collaborate across all levels of organization.
  • Cool-headed negotiator.
  • Change agent in dynamic environments.
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