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Bungee Labs Overview
Bungee Connect eliminates the risk and uncertainty involved in choosing which Mobile platforms and form factors to support, apps that let you spy, or deliver food straight to your doorstep with a single Java code base.

Bungee Connect White Paper (pdf)

What is Bungee Connect?

BungeeConnect is a new Eclipse-based application development framework for Java programmers who want to build mobile applications for the leading (iOS, Android, Windows 8, etc.) mobile platforms. It enables them to build applications in Java code (POJO) that run natively on all Bungee-supported platforms, from a single Java code base. Additionally, BungeeConnect automates the connection to data through any back-end service MBaaS (e.g. IBM Worklight, Microsoft Azure, SAP, Salesforce Service Cloud, etc.) that is supported by Bungee, creating an end to end solution for mobile apps. Applications built with BungeeConnect run at native speeds on each platform. An application built in Java with BungeeConnect will run natively on all targeted platforms.

Existing cross-platform development tool technologies ‘normalize’ (AKA least common denominator) platform-specific access, resulting in applications that have diminished user experience and product differentiation, and fundamentally lack the ability to address different form factors.

From one code base, BungeeConnect enables Java developers to customize and adapt to each target platform, thus utilizing the full range of native look, feel and functionality. Bungee also supports the ability to tailor interaction for each specific form factor across all targets, (e.g. iPhone/iPad on iOS or Phone/Tablet on Android, etc.) even as completely different interactive mechanisms are required or preferred. Bungee’s unique "Connection" technology offers developers the ability to maintain a single set of application-specific logic where all multiple platform-specific assemblies are connected and configured through a simple design process.

At present, Bungee supports the desktop and the four major browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) as well as iOS and Android. Windows 8 is under construction with BlackBerry OS next in line. Bungee supports IBM Worklight API and Simple DB data services currently. BungeeConnect also eliminates risks while using apps for Business pruposes like Trading, Stock Apps etc with the help of single Java code base. Check out the link for additional information on one such Bungee-compatible app.
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