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Company History

Bungee Labs Corporation was organized in April of 2011 as the “Re-Start” of the original Bungee Labs, Inc., which was first capitalized in 2005. David Mitchell founded the original Bungee Labs and raised $25 million from North Bridge Venture Partners, Venrock Partners and Epic Ventures. The company created landmark technology but differences between the management team and the investors relative to strategy took the company off course until June of 2009. At that time Dale Munk joined Dave and the company embarked on a strategy to provide products related to Cloud and Mobile development. Together, Dave and Dale had founded ViewSoft, Inc., a development tools business sold to Citrix Systems.

After about 18 months from Dale’s joining and approximately 40 face to face or electronic demonstrations to important companies including IBM, HP, Red Hat, Sybase, SAP, Oracle, Novell, CSC and Others, a picture emerged that validated the underlying technology and revealed opportunities in the mobile development space. Dale and Dave purchased the Intellectual Property of the original Bungee Labs and are applying it to the Mobile development market.

See Team for summaries of management backgrounds.

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