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Complete the CRM user experience

Use the Bungee Connect platform to quickly build applications that eliminate gaps in both functionality and data connectivity. Whether it is a simple application displaying a dashboard of business data or a sophisticated application connecting many different systems into a single experience, businesses use Bungee Connect to efficiently deliver the specific applications required to increase employee productivity.

What can be built with Bungee Connect?

Bungee Connect provides the flexibility to build a wide range of business applications that can be delivered right within the
CRM application or as a stand-alone application. Here are just a few examples:


Run SmartTrips dashboard Click to view Inventory Manager video Click to view WideLens video Click to view Messaging App video

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Why build with Bungee Connect?

The Bungee Connect platform spans the entire life-cycle of web applications, eliminating the complexities and challenges businesses face in assembling multiple application stacks to build and deliver web applications. A Platform-as-a-Service gives businesses the benefits of a full platform without requiring the purchase, installation or maintenance of software or hardware. The application life-cycle can be separated into two phases, development and delivery.


Bungee-powered applications are built and tested in a development environment designed for professional developers. A comprehensive IDE gives developers the tools they have come to expect in user interface layout, application logic creation, debugging and testing. Development occurs on the same platform upon which applications will be delivered. This unique approach gives developers a better view of how the application will run once deployed for production use by end-users. With built-in developer collaboration and source control, teams of developers can work on the same project while keeping application source code secure and private. Read more...


After an application has been built and tested, businesses can instantly deploy their application for production use on the Bungee Grid multi-tenant infrastructure or on their own self-managed infrastructure. Bungee-powered applications are delivered securely, scaleably and reliably without requiring any configuration or maintenance of servers. The platform also includes built-in application instrumentation providing businesses with detailed data on how users are using the application. Read more...

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