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Want to get going?

The Bungee Connect Community team is ready to provide you with personalized assistance and support designed to realize your great ideas for Bungee-powered apps. We're here to help you!

Tell us about your project so we can:
  • advise you on how best to go about building your app in Bungee
  • collaborate closely with you: review your code, show you around Bungee's debug tools and help you optimize your Bungee app
  • have 1:1 conference calls & screen-sharing sessions and provide you with personalized assistance and support to get your app developed, tested deployed and used
    Alan :: Community Program Manager

About Me
Hometown: Idaho Falls, ID, USA

Favorite Music: Jack Johnson, Counting Crows, Josh Ritter, Mason Jennings

Favorite Movie: Batman Begins, Bourne Ultimatum, Ocean's Eleven, The Day After Tomorrow, and I, Robot

Life Ambition: Photograph the meandrous monster of Utah Lake

3 things about me: Winner of the 2006 Jeep 4X4 Geocaching Challenge. Favorite bagel meal: Ham, cheese and egg on blueberry bagel. Favorite bagel snack: Strawberry cream cheese on blueberry bagel

    Contact Alan: alan [at]

    Alex :: VP, Community

About Me
Hometown: London, UK

Favorite Music: Zero 7, Radiohead, Tarantino sountracks

Favorite Movie: Coen brothers, David Lynch, Almodovar

Life Ambition: to orbit earth, at least once.

3 things about me: Professional cricketer for 8 years, the internet saved my life, not been to South America...yet.

    Contact Alex: alex [at]

    Amy :: Community Program Manager

About Me
Hometown: Columbia, SC, USA

Favorite Music: pretty much anything with a good beat

Favorite Movie: I like action movies, especially the ones that don’t take themselves too seriously like National Treasure

Life Ambition: Travel around the world to places like The Great Wall of China, the Pyramids, Angkor Wat...

3 things about me: Can't think of anything interesting.

    Contact Amy: amy [at]

    Blaine :: Docs Specialist, Dev Ed

About Me
Hometown: Orem, UT USA

Favorite Music: Very eclectic, Bach to Lucinda Williams

Favorite Movie: Bourne trilogy

Life Ambition: Hike the entire length of the Appalachian trail

3 things about me: Interests: foreign cultures, ideas. Accomplishments: Staying married to the same woman over twenty years, becoming fluent in Spanish

    Contact Blaine: blainee [at]

    Dave :: Product Manager

About Me
Hometown: Boston, MA

Favorite Music: Muse (U.K. based Alternative/Emo/Punk)

Favorite Movie: None.

Life Ambition: Play 36 holes at Pebble Beach in one day.

3 things about me: Have built my career at small companies / startups. I’m not a developer but I play one on TV. I would have a lot better marriage and a lot more disposable income if I didn’t golf as much as I do.

    Contact Dave: daveb [at]

    Herrick :: Software Engineer

About Me
Hometown: Orem, UT, USA

Favorite Music: I enjoy Classical, New Age, and Techno

Favorite Movie: LOTR, Click, Next, Bourne series

Life Ambition: Travel to every continent (except maybe Antarctica).

3 things about me: I enjoy mountain biking, soccer, and of course, programming. I lived in Japan for two years and speak Japanese. I got into the computer software industry at age 17.

    Contact Herrick: herrick [at]

    Josh :: Senior Software Engineer

About Me
Hometown: Auburn, CA, USA

Favorite Music: Pink Floyd, Collective Soul, the Art of Noise, Aqua

Favorite Movie: Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Empire Strikes Back, the Matrix (1st one only), Lord of the Rings

Life Ambition: I want to live in snow-bound cabin in the alpine mountains of Northern California, living off the meat of wild animals, heating my house with a wood burning stove, and entertaining myself with T-3 pipe to the internets.

3 things about me: I have two children: Michael and Victoria, I graduated from Brigham Young University with a BS in Computer Science, Co-authored a book called, "Hacking the Code: ASP.NET Web Application Security"

    Contact Josh: josh [at]

    Matt :: Software Test Engineer

About Me
Hometown: Provo, Utah, USA

Favorite Music: Anything with good melodic motion and dynamic range

Favorite Movie: Cinderella Man

Life Ambition: To go bungee jumping :-)

3 things about me: 5 ball juggler, Nationally ranked ping pong player, I can do the "worm" better than you can

    Contact Matt: matt [at]

    Ryan :: Software Engineer

About Me
Hometown: Mesa, AZ, USA

Favorite Music: Country, Classical (favorite classical - Symphony of the Planets by Gustav Holst)

Favorite Movie: SciFi in general, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings

Life Ambition: Grow a HUGE stock portfolio and create online tools to help others do the same.

3 things about me: Placed in the top 6 at amateur ballroom dance competition in 4 different dances, including 2nd place in Cha-cha. Favorite summer activity is a backyard barbecue. Play piano and trombone.

    Contact Ryan: ryan [at]

    Ted :: Director, Developer Relations

About Me
Hometown: San Jose, CA, USA

Favorite Music: Intellectual post-punk pop

Favorite Movie: I'm not very big on movies because people expect you to sit still in movie theaters.

Life Ambition: I want to see all four species of great apes in their wild habitat before I die.

3 things about me: In college I spent too much time learning to juggle when I should have been learning how to play guitar. My first career was as a ranger in the US National Park Service. These days I get my nature fix by snowboarding in the winters, and hiking and mountain-biking in the summers.

    Contact Ted: ted [at]
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