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Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a tool for chat room-based interaction across the Internet.

Developers can use the Bungee Connect Developer Network IRC channel to interact in real time with the engineers who make Bungee Connect. Any Bungee Connect developer is invited to join on the BCDN IRC channel on freenode.net.


[edit] Configuration Settings

  • Server: irc.bungeeconnect.com
  • Channel: #bungee


[edit] Client-specific Configuration

[edit] Colloquy

Configure Colloqy, the popular MacOS IRC client, as follows:

  1. Configure a freenode account with a unique user name:
  2. Add #bungee channel as an auto-join, as shown above, or manually join:
    File menu > Join (or Apple-J)

[edit] Gaim/Pidgin

Configure the popular GNOME instant messaging client, formerly known as gaim and now known as Pidgin, as follows:

  1. After you install Pidgin, click Add at the Welcome screen to add an account.
  2. Configure a freenode account: For Protocol, select IRC; for Screen name, select a unique user name; for Server, type irc.bungeeconnect.com. Type a password and click Save. (The settings on the Advanced tab do not need to be changed.)
  3. Connect your Pidgin client (this screen may not appear for the Windows client).
  4. Join the #bungee channel.

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