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Welcome to the Bungee Builder controls reference documentation area. Below you will find links, not only to reference documentation for each individual control, but also to supporting documentation, such as the Controls/Adapters Cheat Sheet.

Supporting Docs

List of Controls

Controls are the primary View elements in your Bungee Connect application. You add controls to forms to build up your application interface. In Bungee Connect, you do not need to write code to bind controls to elements of your Model.

Below is a list of all the controls currently available in the Builder.

Note Pages marked with ** have not been converted to the new format and have not completed the review and editorial process.

AppointmentList ** HTML ** OKStyle **
BulletinBoard ** Image ** PopupMenu **
Button ImageButton PopupStyleButton
Cancel ** ImageButtonPopup ** PulseTimer **
CancelStyle ** ImageFileButton ** Radio **
Checkbox ** ImageRadio ** RadioStyleButton **
Combobox ** Label RichTextEdit **
DataEdit ** LinkFunctionLabel Sound **
DynamicForm LinkLabel ** StatementComplete **
DynamicImageAction ** List StyleButton **
MonthCalendar ** TabList **
FormList MonthCalendarList** TextEdit
GoogleMap ** MultiColumnList Tree
Grid ** MultilineLabel VerticalBox **
HorizontalBox ** MultilineTextEdit VerticalProgressBar **
HorizontalProgressBar ** OK ** VerticalWrap **
HorizontalWrap **      

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