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Main Page

Welcome to the Beta Bungee Connect™ Documentation wiki, a place where the Bungee Developer Community can access Bungee Connect documentation and help build the Bungee Community through adding content and editing the articles in the wiki.
Getting Started With Bungee Connect

When you log into the Bungee Conntect, you will be presented with the Start Tab.

Within the Start Tab, you are led through the basics of the Bungee Connect system, providing you with access to videos, tutorials, and example code.


We strongly recommend you work through the materials of the Getting Started with Bungee Connect guide in the order provided. Designed to introduce you to some of the key concepts of Bungee Connect, this guide accelerates your learning curve and gets you up-and-running and productive as quickly as possible. 

Tip: You can step out of the Start Tab and dive into the Design Tab or other tabs at any time. During each session, each Tab will remember the state of your last view.

Note: Bungee Connect is currently in open beta. Sign up for an account and get immediate access into Builder here.    

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Frequently Asked Questions

Release Notes Log

Understanding Bungee Connect Documentation

Bungee Connect documentation is divided into the following main areas:

  • Concepts and HOW TOs—A collection of discrete conceptual and task-based articles covering the major concepts used in building a Bungee-powered application. This section of the wiki is editable by the entire community.
  • Reference—Covers Controls, Properties, Bungee Logic, API's, and other components of Bungee Builder.
Reviewed and Edited—indicates the page has been reviewed for technical accuracy and edited for overall readability by an authorized reviewer and editor.
Technically Reviewed—indicates the page has been reviewed for accuracy by an authorized reviewer.
Ready for Review—indicates the last contributor has deemed the page complete enough for a technical review by an authorized reviewer.
Article in Progress—indicates the page is still under construction.

Wiki Naming Conventions

How to Use this Wiki—Some basics coverage of the wiki editing model, as well as some steps for applying styles

Bungee Documentation Style Guide—An overview of the desired look and feel of the wiki and what different styles provide

Using Categories—A description of categories and how they can be used to group related articles

IE 7 Clipboard Access—Allowing cut/copy/paste in the FCKEditor without IE 7 asking you for permission every time

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