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The Bungee Labs Documentation Wiki is a marriage between the WikiMedia Foundation's wiki (called MediaWiki) and one of two HTML text editors (you can choose between FCKeditor and TinyMCE by clicking My preferences under Personal Tools on the left side of the wiki). Bungee's own CSS has been applied to both the HTML editors and MediaWiki. This union provides a near WYSIWYG editing experience while preserving the scalability and nimbleness of the WikiMedia wiki.


[edit] Adding Content and Editing the Wiki

Adding Content to the wiki is as simple as logging in (automatic if you enter the wiki from Bungee Builder) and entering Edit mode. However, before you begin to edit the wiki, you may find it helpful to review the contents of the Style Guide to ensure your edits correspond in look and feel to the rest of the wiki.

  • To enter edit mode
  1.  You can enter Edit mode in the wiki by one of two means:
    1. At the top of the page, click the Edit tab.
    2. On the right side of the page, at the top of one of the sections in which the page is divided, click [edit].
      1. Note If you change your default preferences, you may also enter edit mode by double-clicking anywhere on the page (to edit the whole page) or right-clicking on a heading (to edit that heading and its dependencies).

[edit] Adding a Page to the Wiki

Adding a page to the wiki is very easy. In the case of linking, the preferred methodology is wiki linking syntax

Important When creating a page, be sure to use the proper template.

  • To add a page

There are two methods to add a page to the wiki:

Method 1

  1. Type double brackets [[ ]] around what you want the title of your page to be.
  2. Save your edit.
  3. When you save the page where you typed the brackets around the new page name, the page name appears as a red link. The red indicates the page does not yet have content. Click the link.
  4. Add content to the new page, then save your work.

Method 2

  1. On the left of the wiki, in the Search box, type a string with the desired page name.
    1. Important Follow the capitalization norms highlighted in the Bungee Documentation Style Guide.
  2. Under the Search box, click Go.
  3. At the top of the Search page, click the red bold string matching the name you just entered.
  4. Add content to the new page, then save your work.

[edit] Editing Limitations

WikiMedia and the HTML editors we have added to this interface use different models for editing content, formatting styles, and creating links. The Bungee Documentation wiki's use of HTML editors means that most wiki syntax is not recognized by MediaWiki. For example, the expected formatting headings and bullets that would normally result from items such as:


== Heading ==


=== AnotherHeading ===

* SomeText


do not result. For a quick overview of how to use the FCKeditor's formatting, see the FCKeditor User's Guide. The process of creating links in the Bungee Documentation Wiki is not subject to the same limitations as styles formatting.

[edit] Creating Links

You may use either MediaWiki's linking syntax or FCKedtior's linking methodology (see the FCKeditor User's Guide) to create the four basic types of wiki links.

Tip Although copying links is often a good way to begin learning the wiki syntax, you may sometimes find that a pasted link does not work properly. In such cases, at the top left corner of the editor, click Source. When you inspect the copied link in the source view, you may see something like the following: [<font size="2">[Some Other Page in the Wiki]]</font></li>. Removing the font characteristics should make the link functional.

  • External to the wiki--HTML editor preffered
  • Pointing to a different page in the wiki--wiki syntax preferred [[Some Topic Area : Some Other Page in the Wiki|Some Other Page in the Wiki]] 
  • Note for a more thorough discussion  of the use of topic areas in wiki links, please see Wiki Naming Conventions
  • Pointing to a particular heading on a different page in the wiki--wiki syntax preferred [[Some Topic Area : Some Other Page in the Wiki#Some Topic On That Page|Some Topic On That Page]]
  • Word or phrase (not a section heading) on a different page in the wiki, HTML editor preferred   
  • Section Heading on the same page you are editing--wiki sytax preferred [[#Some Topic On This Page|Some Topic On This Page]]
  • Word or phrase (not a section heading) on the same page you are editing, HTML editor preferred 

Whether you use wiki syntax or the HTML editor, when you create a link external to the wiki, please do not open a new window for the page to which you are linking.

Note Beyond the examples of wiki link syntax shown above, there are many examples of linking on the pages of this wiki. A quick glance at one of them (in edit mode) may provide you with an example that is pertinent to what you are trying to accomplish.

[edit] Creating an External Link

When you reference a link to a topic outside of the Bungee Connect wiki, such as an article at Wikipedia, you should create an external link.  An external link will have a small icon next to it to indicate that this link leave the wiki.  The following syntax will create an external link:  [ Click here for the external link]  The above link will look like Click here for the external link.  The wiki uses all the text after the URL as the title of the link.

[edit] Preventing URLs from Becoming Links

In some cases, you may not want text to display as a link, even though the text is a URL, for example, when you are giving instructions to type a URL into a field. If you use the text http://someurl then the Wiki automatically creates a link. To prevent the creation of a link, surround the URL with these tags: . (Look at the source code for this section for an example.)

[edit] Importing Images

Image imporatation and linking uses the HTML editor model only (see the FCKeditor User's Guide).

[edit] Applying Bungee Styles

The Styles used in Bungee Documentation include regular HTML headings (1 through 5) as well as numbered and bulleted lists, admonitions (Note, Warning, etc.), and tables. The sections below cover how to apply each of these styles.

[edit] Creating an AlphaNumeric Sublist within an Ordered List

To create an alphanumeric sublist within an ordered (numbered) list, you need to create a new set of <ol> tags within a first set of ordered list tags and between list item (<li>) tags, like this:

<p>Joe is a really luck guy in the following order:</p>
    <li class="ln1-ListNumber1"> Rose</li>
    <li class="ln1-ListNumber1">David</li>
            <li class="la1-ListAlphaNumeric1">Clark</li>
            <li class="la1-ListAlphaNumeric1">Gale</li>
            <li class="la1-ListAlphaNumeric1">Alan</li>
    <li class="ln1-ListNumber1">Bill </li>
  • To create an alphanumeric sublist
  1.  With the wiki in edit mode, place your cursor at the beginning of the line containing the item inside of an ordered (numbered) list that you want to make subordinate.
  2. Press Tab to make the new list item a child of the previous list item.
  3. For the item you just indented, select the number at the beginning of the line.
    1. Caution This should select the entire line--if it does not, you will not be able to access the appropriate style in the dropdown list. Merely selecting the entire line will also not cause the appropriate style to appear in the drop down list. Currently, this whole operation only works in FireFox.
  4.  In the FCKeditor controls at the to of the page, in the Style drop-down box, choose either list_AlphaLower or list_AlphaUpper depending on whether you want your list to be lower or upper case.
  5. You can then add as many indented items as you want by pressing Enter.
  6. When you want to leave the sublist, place the cursor in front of the item you want to return to the level of the main list, and in the FCKeditor controls at the to of the page, choose Decrease Indent.
  7. If you follow these steps for the example above, the list renders so:
 Joe is a really luck guy in the following order:
  1.  Rose
  1. David
    1. Clark
    2. Gale
    3. Alan
  2. Bill

[edit] Creating Admonitions Within a List

If you want to create an admonition within a list (as appears in the procedure #To create an alphanumeric sublist above, you must follow the steps below.

  • To create an admonition within a list
  1. At the end of the list item to which you want to add an admonition, press Enter to create a new list item.
  2. Type the text you want to appear in the admonition.
  3. Press  Enter to create a new list item.
  4. Select the first list item you created. Press Tab to make the first list item a child of the previous list item.
  5. In the FCKeditor controls at the top of the page, in the Style drop-down box, choose admonition_list.
    1. Note Currently, this works only in Firefox and you must select the number or letter at the beginning of the admonition in order to see admonition_list in the drop-down box.

      You may add multiple lines to the admonition by pressing Shift + Enter at the end of a line in the admonition.
  • To end the Admonition press Enter once, then  FCKeditor controls at the to of the page, choose Decrease Indent.. If you are lucky, this will change the item to the same level as the original list item and remove the style from the new list. If you are not fortunate, the admonition will be removed, but the level will remain indented to the same level. The only hope then is use the FCKeditor controls at the to of the page to select Source, and in the source view, to remove the extra ordered list tags <ol></ol> that have somehow been placed around the item. This will return the item to the proper level.

[edit] Applying Table Styles

  • All tables will receive a bottom boarder by default.
  • The table_Heading style must be applied to the table cell <td>, not the row <tr>.
  • The table_Highlight style should be applied to every other row starting with the first row below the table heading.

[edit] Applying the Prochead style

Although it may not appear to be, this item is treated as a list. This means that before you apply the prochead paragraph style, you should apply either an unordered (bulleted) list. If you apply an ordered (numbered)list, then your numbering in the procedure will be off. Then apply the prochead style tag. The prochead bullet (triangle) should then appear.

[edit] Saving Your Changes

 To save your changes in the wiki, you must click the Save icon.

Warning If you fail to click Save before you click the article tab at the top of the page, your changes will be lost.

[edit] Trouble-Shooting Editing Problems

This world is not perfect, and neither is the wiki's editing model. Below are some editing issues that can present problems. Workarounds are also provided.

[edit] When I Fix a Broken Link, the Link Stays Pink and the Font Size Grows

If you copy and paste existing HTML docs into the wiki, and the HTML includes links internal to that pasted page's content, the pasted links will be broken and shown as pink. The good news is that all of the anchors on the pasted page are still intact. You must however, re-do all links pointing to those anchors. If you simply click the link icon and re-make the link, the link stays pink, and the font size grows slightly larger.

[edit] The Workaround

To address both the pink color and larger size problems when re-making links, you should:

  • Break the link (by selecting the whole word and clicking the broken link icon)
  • Change the color to black (by clicking the font color icon and choosing Automatic)

[edit] When I Edit a Page, I Get a Length Warning

When you open a document over a certain length, a warning appears at the top of the page displaying text such as this: WARNING: This page is 58 kilobytes long; some browsers may have problems editing pages approaching or longer than 32kb. Please consider breaking the page into smaller sections.

[edit] The Workaround

Simply add some headings to your page, then on the right side of the page, at the top of one of the sections in which the page is divided (corresponding to the headings), click [edit]. The small size of the section removes the need for the warning.

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