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Naming Conventions in the Wiki

When creating a document in the wiki, you should be sure to create the new page in the proper documentation area. We have developed a set of naming conventions in the wiki that not only allow the context of a topic to be properly identified at a glance by a reader, the convention also optimizes searchability. This is why it is important to leave a space both before and after a colon. The table below shows not only the areas currently identified, but also the convention for that area. The proper way to create a link is also shown.

Note To view the way links are created in the Example links column, you need to enter edit mode.

Documentation Area Wiki Naming Convention Example Links 
Adapters Adapter : ConnectionAdapter

[[Adapter : ConnectionAdapter|ConnectionAdapter]]

renders as: ConnectionAdapter

Runtime Types Runtime Type : Meta : function

[[Runtime Type : Meta : function|function]]

renders as: function

Bungee Logic Schema Bungee Logic : Schema : Var

[[Bungee Logic : Schema : Var|Var]]

renders as: Var

Bungee Logic Statements Bungee Logic : Statement : Call Function ()

[[Bungee Logic : Statement : Call Function ()|Call Function ()]]

renders as: Call Function ()

Bungee Logic Sites Bungee Logic : Site : Path

[[Bungee Logic : Site : Path|Path]]

renders as: Path

Concepts Concept : Understanding Forms

[[Concept : Understanding Forms|Understanding Forms]]

renders as: Understanding Forms

Connections Connection :


Controls Control : Label [[Control : Label|Label]]

renders as: Label

HOW TOs How To : Adding a Class to a Project

[[How To : Adding a Class to a Project|Adding a Class to a Project]]

renders as: Adding a Class to a Project


Property : Image

[[Property : Image|Image]]

renders as: Image

Sites Site : Path

[[Site : Path|Path]]

renders as: Path

Wiki Help Wiki Help : How to Use this Wiki

[[Wiki Help : How to Use this Wiki|How to Use this Wiki]]

renders as: How to Use this Wiki


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