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flickr + GoogleMaps

This example app combines Flickr pictures with Google Maps. While exploring the application try the following:
  • Enter the following tags: geo, bungeelabs, and titaniumwombat (These tags consistently have both geo data and comments).
  • Use Google Maps: If a picture has geo data a little globe will appear in the upper-left corner in the results list. If you click on the picture a map tab shows up in the bottom part of the preview pane. Click on that tab to see the picture on the map.
  • Double-click/Drag-and-drop: You can double-click on a picture you like to put it into the "choice pics". You can also drag a picture from the results area into the "choice pics" list.
  • Open Map: The Open Map button will open a new window with only the pictures from your results that have geo data. Now, if you click on one of the photos the main window will show that picture in the preview pane. Pretty slick, don't you think?
  • Comments: If a picture has comments a tab will appear in the photo info pane in the bottom center and you can see all the comments left by users. You can read more about this app on the BCDN blog.
Launch flickr + GoogleMaps application (popup)

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