Develop and deploy applications with data from PostgreSQL and Postgres Plus

With Bungee Connect you can use data from PostgreSQL, Postgres Plus and MySQL databases inside your Bungee-powered application. Bungee Connect provides the most flexibility in building applications that use data by enabling you to host the data how and where you want.

Why Bungee Connect and Postgres Plus, PostgreSQL or MySQL

Flexibility – Bungee Connect provides you with the most flexibility in connecting to databases by enabling connectivity to multiple types of databases, hosted in the cloud or on-premise.

Connectivity – With Bungee Connect, you can easily use data from a variety of databases in a professional development environment. Full access to tables, fields and the transactions between the database and Bungee Connect servers provides you with a complete view of your data.

Security – Applications and data are kept secure by keeping the application logic execution and data connectivity on the server, not the client. By reducing the amount of data and logic sent to the client, Bungee Connect reduces the exposure to security risks and improves interactivity on the client. Read more...

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Exchange +

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Salesforce Inventory Mgr.
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