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Bungee Labs
625 E Technology Ave B2300
Orem, UT 84097

[email protected]

About Us

Who Is Bungee Labs?

Bungee was founded near Salt Lake City in 2002 by David C. Mitchell, former founder of ViewSoft, inc., sold to Citrix Systems. David, one of the world's foremost experts in the creation of graphical user interface (GUI) development technology saw the shift to cloud computing and founded Bungee Labs in order to provide automated ways of developing applications for the cloud. Since 2005, the company has raised $24 million from North Bridge Venture Partners, Venrock Associates and Epic Ventures.

Bungee Labs is creator of the Bungee Connect™ web application development platform-as-a-service (PaaS), an environment for building and delivering a new class of interactive rich web applications. Bungee Connect eliminates significant complexity, time and cost in moving applications to the cloud or connecting (mashing up) existing cloud services to form new applications.

Businesses use Bungee Connect to build highly interactive web applications, then instantly deploy them on a high-performance multi-tenant grid infrastructure such as Amazon EC2.

Bungee Connect's immediate access, integration and presentation of public and private web services empower developers to create deeply interoperable, data-driven applications with rich interactivity — achieving highly specific and productive user experiences without the typically complex programming of web service integration, Ajax interaction, web application state management, and deployment provisioning.

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