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Opening Day

The Bungee Crew Welcomes the First Group of Early Access Beta Testers

All of us here at Bungee Labs are extremely pleased to welcome our first group of developers to Bungee Connect.

As we have previously stated, the initial group admitted on our Opening Day has been limited to a small number of developers. This allows us to carefully monitor the system for performance and scaling, as well as provide the best support possible to our beta users. After Opening Day, our goal will be to start adding groups of 50 until all registered beta testers have access. We expect to scale up rapidly, adding new groups every few days - if we run into any unforeseen snags, we will resolve issues before adding more beta accounts.

Of course throughout this process, all of our beta registrants can count on us to provide updates about the latest status of the beta, as well as what the Bungee team is learning.

Resources for Beta Testers

With the first developers now in, we would like to share with you the establishment of Bungee Connect Developer Network, our destination to help developers succeed at creating a new and diverse generation of rich internet applications. The Bungee Connect Developer Network (BCDN) site will provide you with quick access to resources such as documentation, tutorials and Bungee Connect status information during the Early Access Beta. With your feedback and suggestions, we will adapt BCDN so that we can continue to improve the support we provide our members.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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