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SSL and More: What’s in the Latest Bungee Connect System Update?

Our Bungee Connect product manager, Dave Brooksby, recently posted an update summary in the Bungee Connect forums.

Encryption (SSL, HTTPS)
When we sent out our invites to the Bungee Connect Early Access Beta, we included a mention that we had not turned on SSL encryption yet. The team has now finished testing, and all Bungee Builder traffic is now sent over SSL. This was the first priority of this release.

Remember Me
By popular request from our initial beta testers (as well as some of the Bungee crew), the login for Bungee Builder no longer requires you to re-enter your credentials between Builder sessions. We will continue to enhance this aspect of the Bungee Connect system. Additionally, the team has improved single sign-on between the Bungee Connect resources, such as Bungee Builder, the forums and the documentation

New Sample Application

On the start page there’s a new sample application that users can explore in order to learn more about the capabilities and development paradigm of Bungee Connect. We plan to provide additional sample applications in the future.

Bungee Connect developers can read more about the update in Dave’s post in the forums.

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Office Hours with Ted and Brad

Interested in chatting with some of the crew at Bungee Labs? We’re kicking off our first “Office Hours” session

As part of the Bungee Connect Developer Network program, we plan to hold a regular phone meeting to allow Bungee Connect developers to talk directly with the people who created Bungee Connect.

Here are the details on the first Office Hours session:

  • Date: Friday, June 15, 2007
  • Time: 09:00 MDT (3:00 UTC)
  • Agenda:
    1. Kick-off Topic: “Learning Resources for Bungee Connect” (~10 minutes)
    2. Topic Feedback: Questions or suggestions about Learning Resources (~10 minutes)
    3. Open Q & A (~40 minutes)

Since Bungee Connect is still in its Early Access Beta phase, we are limiting attendance to beta testers who have already been granted access to Bungee Connect. Details on how to attend are in the Bungee Connect forums.

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