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[edit] Description

In Bungee Builder, a solution is the top level containers for your application. To begin creating an application, you first create a solution, then add projects (which contain your Model code) to your solution. In every solution there are many different types of projects you can use to perform specific tasks and keep your solution organized. There is no limit to the number of projects you can place in a solution.

While every developer will use project types in the way that best fits their individual projects and development styles, there are specific uses and best practices for each of the project types you’ll find in Bungee Builder. Basic use definitions for each of the project types are given below.

[edit] AppProject

  • Serves as a container for the pages that provide the front end to your final web application
  • AppProjects are the only project that can be deployed to end users after Posting
  • You can add many AppProjects to a Solution, and you may add an AppProject at any time during development

Use AppProjects to package your final functionality into an application ready for deployment.

[edit] TypeLib

  • Serves as containers for classes

[edit] WSDL

  • Serves as the container of imported WSDL files

The ability to bring WSDL descriptions of Web services directly into your solution as a project is at the heart of the power of Bungee Builder. You can import as many different services into your solution as needed to complete your application. Further, you can add objects directly to the WSDL project to incrementally add functionality to the service itself at the Bungee layer.

Related Tutorial: Integrate SOAP/WSDL-based Web APIs

[edit] StyleProject

  • Serves as the container of one or many custom styles that can be applied to forms

Style projects are used to hold the various style settings that can be applied to forms to give your application a consistent, attractive look and feel.

[edit] ResourceProject

  • Serves as the container of image resources for use in your applications

Keep all your images organized and easily accessible directly inside of your solution. Using WebDav, you can bring images directly from your local machine’s folders and use them as objects in your application. Use multiple resource projects to effectively manage different image sets.

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