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Available Screencasts

Video Description
Intro to Bungee Concepts I
Intro to Bungee Concepts I (High Resolution)
An introduction to the entire lifecycle of a Bungee-powered application. The lifecycle includes development through deployment. The intro also describes the visual, logical and storage hierarchy of a Bungee-powered application.
Intro to Bungee Concepts II
Intro to Bungee Concepts II (High Resolution)
An introduction to the typical development workflow for constructing and application. Typical workflow includes importing a WSDL, adding controls to a form and writing Bungee Logic. 
Intro to Bungee Builder
Intro to Bungee Builder (High Resolution)
A quick tour around Bungee Builder. After an introduction to each section of the Builder several key interactions will also be highlighted including adding classes or fields, using the toolbox, and binding controls to objects. 
Intro to Adapters and Interfaces
Intro to Adapters and Interfaces (High Resolution)
An introduction to Interfaces and Adapters. The video will use four common examples to illustrate how to use: Adapters to track selection, Element Adapters to populate specific controls, a Dynamic Form control with a Form Interface and a Dynamic Form List control with a Form Interface.
SugarCRM Overview An overview of a simple application that shows authentication to SugarCRM. You can import the code for this application on the Home tab of the Builder under the Open Example Code section.

Storefront Reference Application

Storefront Reference Application (High Resolution)

An overview to a "storefront" reference application. You can import the code for this application on the Home tab of the Builder under the Open Example Code section.

Creating an SQL Project

Shows how you add an SQL project to you solution and how to set up the database connections.

Performing SQL Operations

Provides a look at setting up functions within a class to perform CRUD operations.
Overview of DWA An overview of Delegated Web Authentication.
WideLens - WideLens Overview Overview of WideLens calendaring application functionality. You can import the code for this application on the Home tab of the Builder under the Open Example Code section.
WideLens - Developer's Overview Steps you through the architecture of the WideLens calendaring application
WideLens - How to Import and Run WideLens,
and View the WideLens Database
Shows you how to import WideLens, create an account, what the default items in WideLens are, and how to use your own database with WideLens
WideLens - Extending WideLens Shows you how to create a new driver for the WideLens calendar, using the Salesforce driver as an example

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