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Bungee Connect™ Advances to Public Beta

Single Environment Integrating Web Application Development, Testing, Deployment and Hosting Becomes the Most Extensive Implementation of a Platform-as-a-Service

Reference Application Integrating Microsoft Exchange,, Google Calendar and Others Provided to Developers for Exploration, Modification and Use in Real-World Business Applications

SALT LAKE CITY, UT—Feb 19, 2008 — Bungee Labs™ today released a new version of the Bungee Connect™ web application development and hosting platform and opened its Public Beta program to all developers, becoming the most extensive implementation of a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

Developers use Bungee Connect to build professional-class, desktop-like web applications that leverage multiple web services and databases, then instantly deploy them on Bungee's high-performance multi-tenant grid infrastructure. By providing development, testing, deployment and hosting in a single, on-demand platform, Bungee Connect enables a new class of extremely interactive rich web applications while eliminating significant time and cost across the entire application lifecycle—reducing time-to-market by as much as 80 percent.

Most Extensive Platform-as-a-Service

The greatest differentiators of the Bungee Connect web application platform include:
  • A single, on-demand environment for developing, testing, deploying and hosting
  • Interaction delivered entirely via browser with no download or plug-in for developers or end-users
  • Delivery of highly interactive user experience without compromising accessibility and security
  • Automated integration of web services (SOAP/REST) and databases (MySQL/PostgreSQL)
  • Built-in team collaboration and testing
  • Built-in scalability, reliability and security
  • Deep instrumentation of end-user application utilization for analytics
  • Utility pricing model based on end-user application use
With Bungee Connect, developers and IT managers can now leverage a completely on-line platform to build and deliver powerful, AJAX-enabled, multiple data source web applications. Bungee-powered applications may be embedded within other web applications and pages, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, or delivered as stand-alone web destinations. Bungee Connect and all Bungee-powered applications are accessed through Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari with no software download, install or plug-in. Bungee Connect is the first end-to-end Platform-as-a-Service for professional-class web application development and delivery.

"Cloud computing, internal-external mashups and online business services are hastening the need for new business models that can support entire application lifecycles," said Dana Gardner, principal analyst of Interarbor Solutions. "It's not enough to develop as a service, or to deploy as a service—the fuller cost-benefit payback comes from the application lifecycle as a service. All the better that costs to support the applications from inception to sunset are commensurate with use and demand. Enterprise IT innovators and efficiency-minded independent developers alike should view the Bungee Connect model as the platform and mashup approach of the future."

Business Model

Development, team collaboration and test deployment hosting on Bungee Connect are free of charge. Developers pay only when their Bungee-powered applications are actually used by end-users. Once a Bungee-powered application is deployed on the Bungee Grid™ infrastructure, end-user utilization of the application is deeply instrumented to provide developers with detailed insight into application performance and usage patterns, and to compute the application's utility bill. Depending on the usage profile of an application, businesses can expect to pay between $2-5 per user per month for a heavily used business productivity application, or fractions of a cent per e-commerce transaction. All Bungee-powered applications are hosted for free during the Bungee Connect Public Beta.

Bungee Connect Reference Applications

Today, Bungee Labs also released WideLens™, a comprehensive reference application for Bungee Connect, solving real-world calendar integration woes between Microsoft Exchange,, Google Calendar and other data sources. WideLens and other included reference applications provide examples of integrating multiple databases and web services; end-user authentication; and numerous dynamic user interface presentation patterns. The source code for each reference application may be imported into any developer's Bungee Connect account and freely explored, modified and used in whole or in part for experiments, prototypes and commercial applications.

“Our reference apps provide examples of the underlying capabilities and processes that make Bungee Connect the most extensive Platform-as-a-Service,” said Martin Plaehn, CEO of Bungee Labs. “WideLens specifically shows how developers can use Bungee Connect to orchestrate multiple data silos into valuable business solutions with exceptionally interactive user experiences—in this case, Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar, and other web services.”


About Bungee Labs

Bungee Labs is creator of the Bungee Connect™ web application development and hosting platform, a single environment for building and delivering a new class of extremely interactive rich web applications. Bungee Connect facilitates rapid integration of web services and databases (public and private), eliminates programming for Ajax interactivity, and enables instantaneous application deployment for end-user use. Bungee Connect eliminates significant time and cost across the entire application lifecycle. Organizations use Bungee Connect to build highly interactive web applications, then instantly deploy them on a high-performance multi-tenant grid infrastructure. Bungee Connect is the most extensive implementation of a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). A privately held company, Bungee Labs is backed by North Bridge Venture Partners, Venrock Associates, and Wasatch Venture Fund. For more information please visit Bungee Labs,, Bungee Connect,, Bungee Grid, WideLens and are trademarks of Bungee Labs, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other names and brands may be claimed by their respective owners.

Public Relations Contacts:
Kelly Wanlass, Wanlass Public Relations
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Lyle Ball, VP of Marketing, Bungee Labs
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