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Bungee Connect eliminates the burdens of purchasing, building and maintaining application infrastructure. By hosting your applications in our multi-tenant infrastructure, your applications scale reliably and securely to accommodate any size user base, and elastically scale back down quickly as use patterns fluctuate.

Bungee Grid multi-tenant hosting:
The Bungee Grid multi-tenant hosting provides the deployment and hosting infrastructure to support the delivery of a Bungee-powered web application without purchasing, building and maintaining infrastructure. Bungee Connect applications reliably and securely reach any size user base with the elasticity to match the unique usage patterns of any web application.

Deployment Management
Managing deployed applications is very simple — just a couple of clicks for a new deployment or to update to a new version.

Applications can be delivered as standalone solutions or embedded directly inside an existing web application or SaaS solution. Applications delivered as stand-alone solutions can use any domain name managed by the developer. Applications that compliment existing applications can be embedded directly into the application, even with single sign-on capability, giving users a seamless experience.

Bungee Connect has been architected to take a comprehensive approach to application and data security.

All Bungee-powered application instances are separate server processes, keeping a strict separation between application sessions.

Application logic execution is maintained on the server and is never sent down to the client, protecting intellectual property and business processes.

Data can be stored where it is most appropriate, as determined by the developer. Data used in an application or generated by application users can be stored to any service or database where the developer wants to securely store it.
Network Traffic:
Using standard protocols and SSL encryption, connections to data providers are secure. Because only Bungee servers connect to the data provider, access to the data need be opened only to the small range of Bungee server IPs.

Communication between the client and server is highly generalized and can be over SSL to further protect application and user data.
The Bungee Connect client interactivity model delivers scalable client-side security by using a generalized Javascript package for every application. This approach guards against Javascript security attacks by restricting the Javascript that can be executed on the client. A generalized approach also benefits corporate security by using a single Javascript engine for every application. The Bungee Connect Javascript needs to be verified only once for any number of applications.

Only data displayed in the user interface is actually sent down to the client. This way, only necessary data is sent down to the client, rather than a whole data set for only small amounts of data. This also ensures that no business logic is executed in the client, further protecting applications from malicious attacks.

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