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Cloud Computing

The term Cloud Computing came from the illustrative depiction of clouds in technology architecture diagrams to show the Internet or IP availability.

Cloud computing now refers to computing resources that are owned and operated by third-party providers. These cloud computing resources are typically found in controlled data centers. Consumers of cloud computing services purchase capacity on-demand without the need to worry about the complexity and costs of the technologies and infrastructure.

Cloud computing is gaining popularity as computing connectivity costs fall and as cloud computing hardware and systems become more efficient.

The services that can be delivered as a result of cloud computing are increasing rapidly, leading to even greater economic benefit and efficiencies.

A superset of cloud computing, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), is a popular term to describe application development and deployment functionality available as a service in the cloud. PasS builds upon cloud computing by providing the entire web application lifecycle as a service, on a single platform.

Along with the inherent scalability and reliability of cloud computing resources cloud, PaaS augments cloud computing with application security and useabilty without requiring additional development, configuration, or other costs. The ability of an application to automatically partition state and data to service an arbitrary number of users is assumed without additional work by the developer. Applications delivered on a Platform-as-a-Service automatically and reliably support web-scale use, allow the secure exchange of confidential information and the secure execution of monetary transactions. Developers are free to build applications with the comfort that the security of customer data, network traffic, source code (intellectual property) and even server hardware is maintained inherently by the platform throughout application development and delivery.

Bungee Connect is a complete platform as a service, a superset of cloud computing. The Bungee Connect PaaS delivers the entire application lifecycle, including all the environments, tools and systems required to develop, deploy and host web applications. Click here to find out more about how Bungee Connect enables more businesses to leverage cloud computing.
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