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Simple Utility Pricing

Development and Testing
Free. There is no cost or commitment for time you spend learning or developing with Bungee Connect.

Individuals and organizations can build, collaborate, test—even conduct beta tests with actual customers—with no fee.

Application Deployment and Hosting
Free during public beta (through March, 2009).

After the end of public beta of Bungee Connect, our target price for application hosting is $0.06/user-session-hour.

The cost for hosting your application is determined by the amount of time users spend directly interacting with your application, similar to how utilities such as gas and electricity are billed.

Here are a few examples:

How does that map to my world today?
A common metric for measuring web activity is page views, but this is only part of the view. If your analytics dashboard provides you with total session time, just multiply that by $0.06 per hour. Otherwise, take the back of an envelope and make your best guess on the time spent per page and multiply that by page views to get your total session time, now multiply that by $0.06 per hour.

While this gives you a rough idea of the cost, keep in mind that highly interactive applications enable users to get tasks done more quickly and with fewer pages. Chances are, your calculation will be quite a bit higher than a Bungee-powered reality.

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