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Comprehensive IDE
Bungee Connect includes a professional development environment that extends standard development concepts for web applications. Bungee Connect accelerates development and creativity in solving business problems by removing much of the heavy-lifting in writing application logic, connecting multiple data sources and debugging applications. Bungee Connect developers focus their development time on creating compelling user interactions and great code while Bungee Connect manages the rest.

With Bungee Connect, developers have a unique opportunity to build, test and debug in the exact same environment that end-users utilize to interact with the application. Building and deploying in the same environment removes the need to juggle applications between environments, and fix the problems that follow. As you would expect from a professional development environment, Bungee Connect has many of the tools necessary to debug applications including breakpoints, event messages, Sky™ Code Inspector, SOAP envelope inspection and database communication messages. Bungee Connect automatically manages the application state between the client and server, view updates as data changes and web service marshalling. Bungee Connect also includes a full-syntax, C-style language to create sophisticated on-demand applications. This language gives developers a full syntax to tackle complex coding requirements involving user interactions and data with the control of traditional languages.

Interactive End-User Experience
Bungee-powered applications use Ajax to deliver desktop-like interactivity without a plug-in or install and across the most popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome). Developers use a visual form designer with a wide range of Ajax controls and a flexible geometry model to efficiently create intuitive user experiences and unlock new application value. Bungee takes a unique approach to Ajax using a generalized Javascript engine for all applications rather than requiring custom Javascript development or dynamic code generation.

Web Service & DB Connectivity
Bungee Connect automates the connectivity to multiple data sources including SOAP and REST services and MySQL and PostGreSql databases. Whether the services are broadly available public services or private business services, Bungee Connect developers can leverage those services in new ways. Data sources are accessed through the Bungee servers, not the client, enabling more security for the data and a wider range of connectivity options within applications.

Developer Collaboration
Bungee Connect supports teams of developers with an integrated source control system. No need to juggle versions of application code between code repositories and environments as the team collaborates on the application. Starting a team development project is easy—just create a DesignGroup and invite the other team members. With no configuration, installation or download, the team is now ready to begin development. This approach enables code sharing without sending code across the wire only to end up on disk platters everywhere.

Bungee Connect Developer Network
Bungee Connect Developer Network (BCDN) connects you with avid developers from around the world through the BCDN Blog, the Q & A Knowledgebase, the Share code repository, and regular newsletter.

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