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Bungee Connect is Platform-as-a-Service

Bungee Connect leads the industry in Platform-as-a-Service innovation. From development to initial deployment, and on to seamless rollouts of each new version, Bungee Connect facilitates the entire management lifecycle of your web applications. By reducing the complexities of development and delivery, you get web applications that are far more interactive, reliable, scalable and secure for a price that is directly proportional to each application's adoption.

Development on Bungee Connect is accelerated by a comprehensive IDE, automated connectivity for web services and databases, an integrated toolkit for end-user interactivity, and accommodations to enable developer collaboration.

You can deploy your applications to the cloud (either on Bungee Labs' multi-tenant grid, or on a virtual host on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud), or to systems in your own data center.

What can I build?
Bungee Connect is well-suited for a wide range of web applications, from simple dashboards to sophisticated applications integrating multiple sources of data.

Utility Pricing
There is no cost for time spent developing with or learning Bungee Connect. We charge only for the actual usage of deployed applications.

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