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SaaS or Software as a service is a software deployment model where a web application or service is hosted remotely and delivered to customers across the Internet. SaaS eliminates the customer’s need to install, run, support, maintain, and update software on local computers. Application areas such as Customer relationship management (CRM), video conferencing, human resources (HR), IT service management, accounting, marketing and e-mail are some of the initial markets showing rapid SaaS adoption and success.

SaaS customers are able to take advantage of on-demand, utility-based, or concurrent SaaS user pricing models that decrease upfront software expenses.

For a SaaS provider, the SaaS model offers protection for intellectual property by eliminating the need to distribute software to customer computers. Additionally, SaaS providers establish an ongoing revenue stream. SaaS software providers may build an application with traditional tools and host the application on its own web server or with cloud computing providers, or they can build and host the application with a Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider.

PaaS is more than a hosting option. It offers the entire SaaS web application lifecycle as a service, on a single platform including all the environments, tools and systems required to develop, deploy and host SaaS applications.

PaaS provides:
  • drastically reduced development complexity and time
  • amazing end-user experiences
  • instant deployment
  • reliable and scalable hosting
  • a pricing model that is directly proportional to application adoption
Learn more about the Bungee Connect Platform as a Service and how it delivers the entire SaaS application lifecycle.
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