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[edit] Description

Declares a new class in the current project. All objects in the Bungee Connect system are classes that decend from Object except primitive types, such as string and int.

A class (part of the Model) is a structure that combines multiple pieces of data into a single object. The different types of data in the class (called members) serve at runtime to describe a single object. In Bungee Builder, members of a class include fields, forms, functions and arguments. Connections are also added to classes.

[edit] Syntax

scope class name : superclass { }



is one of: public, protected, private, or internal.

Public makes the class visible from all classes, protected and, private are unused, and internal makes the class visible only to the containing project.

name Must be a name unique within the project. The typical naming convention in Bungee is to uppercase the first letter of each word, for example: MyClass.
superclass The class that this class inherits from. All classes descend from the root class Object.

[edit] Logic


public class MyClass : Object

     // Your Code Goes Here



[edit] Error Handling


[edit] Intrinsic Variables


[edit] Properties

  • Access Modifier — specifies the classes' visibility. See the above description for details.
  • Inherits From — is used to specifiy the superclass, or parent of this class.
  • Is Root — is used for increasing load performance of large class definitions.
  • Name — is the name of the class.

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