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[edit] Description

This document describes how to add a function to (and delete a function from) a class. 

[edit] Prerequisites

Understanding Bungee Logic
Understanding Solutions and Projects
Creating a Solution
Adding a Project to a Solution

[edit] Procedures

To add a function to a class:

  1. Right-click on the class and select Add Function.
  2. The function is displayed in the Solution Detail and is automatically selected.
  3. In the Property Editor, change the properties for the function as desired.
  4. If your function needs arguments, then for each needed argument:
    1. Right-click on the function in the Solution Detail and select Add Argument.
    2. The argument appears and has focus in the Solution Detail. In the Property Editor, set the properties for the argument as needed.
  5. In the Solution Detail, double-click the function to open it in the Design Editor.
  6. Add Bungee Logic statements to the Design Editor to achieve your desired functionality.

To delete a function from a class:

  1. Select the function.
  2. Click the Delete icon (red X) at the top of the Solution Detail.

[edit] Error Handling


[edit] Examples

See the Hello Bungee Connect tutorial.

[edit] Next Steps

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